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Life Lately: May 2016

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A whole lot of post-garage/Brit pop/punk revival. If you miss The Libertines, The Courteeners, The Cribs, The Holloways (basically all THE THE bands), have a listen.

I can't stop thinking about London (and everywhere else in Europe).

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I just got back from Asia, and all I can think about is another trip. Escapism. Do people in London longingly wish to live in Seattle?

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I finished Dior & I. It was exquisite. That scene when Raf Simons has his OMFG moment of wanting to thrive, I've felt like that a million times.

I've been watching so much Fixer Upper, I've been dreaming about owning a house one day (without a 1-hour commute). It makes me think that one day I could raise a beautiful family just like the Gaines! I finished Girls and am rewatching SATC, Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl.

Slowly reading Pride & Prejudice. Sometimes, I get super creepy at night and look at Mr. Darcy memes. :) I've started reading all of my favorite blogs again.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I hit an ultimate lull in terms of inspiration. I watched this over-the-top 80s movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and then Pride & Prejudice. It helped me break up my rut. Thank you online subscription services for helping me remedy the feeling of restlessness.
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