the girl with kaleidoscope eyes (hellakitty) wrote,
the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

A Succession of Events

I decided to take the monorail home from downtown today since it'd be a good day to walk through the Seattle Center. Once I was almost home, I realized I forgot my black folder! I realized I left it either on the monorail or at Westlake Center. Three kind monorail employees helped me look for it. No luck!

I decided to take the monorail back into town again. I found a maintenance worker near the restroom who found the folder! It was relocated to lost and found where a security guard escorted me to. PHEW! The folder had my personal notes including volunteer information, etc. How kind of all those people to help! I was pretty relieved I went through the effort even though I ran around for about an hour looking for it. At least it was a nice day out!

Just as I was about to head home, a nice elderly woman with a walker needed help crossing the street since it was mostly blocked off with cones. She couldn't see the pedestrian lights. I was able to help her cross the street! Just when I thought I was wasting all that time, it really was perfectly timed.
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