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28th August 2016

5:30pm: Life Goal
One day, I AM GOING ON THIS CRUISE with my Block Head friends!!!!!!! <3

22nd August 2016

10:44pm: Thompson Twins
Yesterday, a happy Hempfest party goer was showing videos to people passing him by. He collected an audience of five, and when I passed by he showed me his phone and said, "Look! Thompson Twins!"
I replied, "Cool band."
His response, "You don't know who they are!"
Me, "I DO. I WAS AN 80s kid!"
This dood was high on life and the Thompson Twins.

11th August 2016

10:59pm: The New Cat Call
Last week, I was walking down the street and this baby face teen (maybe 16 or 17?) waved to me as I walked passed him. I figured he had mistaken me for someone else. After about 30 more seconds, I decided to turn around to see if he had shrugged it off. When I turned around, he was looking at me from about 100 feet away and said, "I love you!"

He looked like the baby face guy Jason "Q.T." McKnight - "The Cute One" in that 90s fake boy band 2Gether.

LOLZ. Is this what teens do nowadays?

3rd July 2016

2:06pm: Self Care
Having a self care kinda day:

Working out
French Vlogger videos and my favorite blogs
Green Tea

When I worked graveyard and lived by myself, it was easier to have self-care weeks!

10th May 2016

10:40pm: He's a Beatnik
This song will always remind me of Jeff (aka. Jiff)!

8th May 2016

10:51pm: Life Lately: May 2016
Currently Listening To:
A whole lot of post-garage/Brit pop/punk revival. If you miss The Libertines, The Courteeners, The Cribs, The Holloways (basically all THE THE bands), have a listen.

I can't stop thinking about London (and everywhere else in Europe).

Thinking About:
I just got back from Asia, and all I can think about is another trip. Escapism. Do people in London longingly wish to live in Seattle?

 photo RSFilm_zpsbleuts4p.jpg
I finished Dior & I. It was exquisite. That scene when Raf Simons has his OMFG moment of wanting to thrive, I've felt like that a million times.

I've been watching so much Fixer Upper, I've been dreaming about owning a house one day (without a 1-hour commute). It makes me think that one day I could raise a beautiful family just like the Gaines! I finished Girls and am rewatching SATC, Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl.

Slowly reading Pride & Prejudice. Sometimes, I get super creepy at night and look at Mr. Darcy memes. :) I've started reading all of my favorite blogs again.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I hit an ultimate lull in terms of inspiration. I watched this over-the-top 80s movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and then Pride & Prejudice. It helped me break up my rut. Thank you online subscription services for helping me remedy the feeling of restlessness.

13th March 2016

9:34pm: 10% Happier
I find this story to be very relatable, and I'm glad Dan Harris is at least 10% happier now.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

12th March 2016

11:00am: Viola Beach
These guys were so young and so talented. It is so sad that their lives were cut so tragically short. They would have played more amazing music. RIP Viola Beach. <3

8th February 2016

9:39pm: 1-800 Drake
In honor of this Drake Super Bowl commercial...

The geniuses who work upstairs from me made this commercial.

 photo Drake GIF_zpsppofppdm.gif

16th November 2015

10:58pm: Dublin
I really want to visit Dublin. This movie is really cheesy and cute too.

10:58pm: Check In
So much has happened in a past few months...

I went to Copenhagen and stayed approximately 300 feet away from this intersection. I also attempted to rent a city bike at this intersection and almost fell on my face!

14th August 2015

8:22pm: Nik (Junica)! You are so talented.

1st August 2015

10:11pm: Saturday Night Jams
This Finnish band reminds me a lot of The Drums + Cut Off Your Hands. Good stuff!

1st July 2015

12:20am: Lists
A list of things I'm looking forward to:
Kay Marie & Rich's visit
Chicago! (Angelique!)
Anna & Travis' wedding in SC
Third Eye Blind
London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm
Hayley & Adrian's visit
A2's bubba
Current Mood: excited

24th June 2015

11:50pm: I'm Just Cutting Onions
Everything is making me tear up today! This didn't help. :)

11th April 2015

3:21pm: These thoughts...
Gerard Cosloy, co-owner of Matador Records, wrote about Esme on his blog after her death. “Esme was unfailingly genuine…and (I mean this in the best possible way) never afraid to risk looking dopey, but more importantly, never reluctant to let someone know she gave a hoot. If you’re reading this, didn’t know this woman, and you’re saying to yourself, ‘big deal, I know someone just like that,’ tell them. Today. We can’t bring Esme back, but any moment going forward not spent trying to match the very high bar she set… is time wasted.”


Wishing I could find my laid-back-I-don't-care-what-people-think-and-don't-care-about-being-cool-soul-mate in business life. Wishing more people weren't afraid to be like Esme.

14th August 2014

10:00pm: Workout
Mark this day forever as the day of when I walked 2 miles/4 stores around my neighborhood searching for a certain brand of spicy "tortilla" chips for research. I never found them. :P That is the life of a PR/Ad girl.

27th July 2014

3:38pm: Perfect Sundays
All the chores and laundry completed by 3:30. There's nothing left to do but listen to playlists on Spotify and read our new book from Kiwi-writer extraordinaire James Robinson on the grass near the water. With cider and sandwiches! I'll try not to think about tomorrow's stress.

Today's top songs:
The Lemonheads "Confetti"
Sun Dial "I Don't Mind"
Ned's Atomic Dustbin "Grey Cell Green"

26th July 2014

2:39pm: Spoon!
Last night Marty got Carl and me into Spoon! Backstage passes and all. They were in town for a few days hanging around with us in Belltown. It was SO FUN, and one of the best nights of this summer. I've been working overtime ALL summer, but the Vegas trip, Philly trip, Kay Marie's wedding in Lancaster, and the Capitol Hill Block Party last night have turned this summer around.

We briefly met R. Pope's family as we stood on stage last night. Funnily enough, he was in a little popular band called The Get Up Kids! Part of my college experience growing up. Guess who's listening to the Red Letter Day/Woodson EP right now?

21st May 2014

11:15pm: Favorites*
I saw my favorite band for the 4th time a few weeks ago. Big fan of 6 years now! I got to tell singer Kip that his band is my serious favorite. And it was awesome seeing his eyes light up when I got to express that. It felt so good. I got to blab so much about all the great times I've seen them...and he told me why there's a new line up, no Bumbershoot show, etc. It was so fun. I could talk his head off for days.

7th May 2014

2:41pm: A Succession of Events
I decided to take the monorail home from downtown today since it'd be a good day to walk through the Seattle Center. Once I was almost home, I realized I forgot my black folder! I realized I left it either on the monorail or at Westlake Center. Three kind monorail employees helped me look for it. No luck!

I decided to take the monorail back into town again. I found a maintenance worker near the restroom who found the folder! It was relocated to lost and found where a security guard escorted me to. PHEW! The folder had my personal notes including volunteer information, etc. How kind of all those people to help! I was pretty relieved I went through the effort even though I ran around for about an hour looking for it. At least it was a nice day out!

Just as I was about to head home, a nice elderly woman with a walker needed help crossing the street since it was mostly blocked off with cones. She couldn't see the pedestrian lights. I was able to help her cross the street! Just when I thought I was wasting all that time, it really was perfectly timed.

3rd May 2014

1:53pm: Alex Turner
"Though he had a love for guitar, he commented that he spends more time on words to the songs and he tended to listen to them more than to the music in the background."

8th April 2014

11:14pm: A Comment About Surfer Blood "Twin Peaks"
"This song has a lot going for it- I think the story line is clear enough... the music has lots of energy and variety, from the chunky clean chords at the beginning to the Caribbean party-gone-out-of-bounds in the middle, and back again... a variety of emotions expressed in the singing... sentimentality, hope, frustration, disappointment, anger, wistfulness... and IMHO, a little micro-anthem in the very energized "I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE DEFEATED!"
dcbaon July 19, 2010"

HAHAHAHA!!! This sounds like my brain.

24th March 2014

10:28pm: Teens React to Nirvana

This was really cute! And I'm impressed.

13th March 2014

12:24am: Spring Magic
Two of my dear gal friends are getting married in July and November. Two magical weddings on the East Coast! I cannot wait!

Also, I listened to The Kooks "Inside In/Inside Out" album last night. It felt like Spring 2007 all over again! I miss when music didn't sound like Alt-J. No offense if that's your thing!

Over Christmas break, I ran into Rocky, and he told me the mixed CD I made him in high school changed his musical tastes for the next decade of his life. That is so awesome, and I can only think of the dozens of CDs friends made for me in passing that did the same exact thing.

Current Mood: mellow
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